Nine Line Apparel and Nine Line Foundation hosted their annual Run For the Wounded this past weekend to raise money for a U.S. Military veteran looking to build his own home.

The Causey family was about to build their own home by themselves, but right before they did, Nine Line Foundation stepped in to help them out. $25,000 was raised in race registration fees, and Nine Line Apparel matched that amount – making a total of  $50,000 being raised for the family.  Nine Line Foundation, Inc hopes to intends to raise enough money for the family at their next event in Colorado called “Operation New Trails” wherein 75 intrepid hikers will hike 75 miles of the Colorado Trail in five days – challenging themselves physically, mentally and emotionally.

Nine Line Apparel was originally created so that people could enjoy a brand that exemplified patriotism and military values. In no time, the brand expanded, and after a tragic event that led to a close friend losing three limbs during a fight in Afghanistan, the brand now dedicates a portion of each sale on apparel to be given back to the wounded veteran community.  In order to accomplish the mission of helping give back to the wounded veteran community, Nine Line Foundation, Inc was created – a separate legal entity that operates as an all volunteer non-profit company, committed to using all monies raised for the cause – no overhead, no salaries, etc.

Nine Line Foundation also reaches out to the community and creates events that help fund projects for wounded veterans.