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by Camilla Rambaldi

NEW BRAUNFELS — Firefighters from across the nation including one in San Antonio, are building a forever home for a wounded warrior.

Piece by piece in rough weather, the home on Via Principale in New Braunfels is slowly getting built.

“It’s overwhelming. I don’t have the words for it,” said Sgt. Eric Morante, the home recipient.

Morante lost his right leg during a blast in Iraq 10 years ago. He will live at the new home with son and mother.

“It’s very humbling and it’s very patriotic to see men volunteer and drop their time. All these guys that are here are on vacation,” added Morante.

The non-profits Nine Line Foundation and A Soldier’s Journey home teamed up to make it a reality.

“This is the most fulfilling experience i have ever had we have been doing this for 3 years now. It just makes us all feel proud to be able to do this for him,” said Salvador Cetrone, a firefighter in Louisiana working on the project.

The Nine Line Foundation helps support the most severely combat wounded veterans. It’s 100% volunteer based. All the money raised goes to support the individualized needs of the wounded veterans.

“This has been a phenomenal journey. Up until this build nine line and a soldier’s journey home have done separate projects,” said Megan Hostler, President and CEO of Nine Line Foundation.

The firefighters will finish the project in the next 9 days. It will accommodate Morante’s injury and he will get to call it his forever home.

“We finally have a stable place to rest,” added Morante.

Following his time Iraq, Morante has found a passion for boxing and helping other wounded veterans with the recovery process.

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