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Savannah, GA (WTGS) — Veteran-owned business Nine Line Apparel hosted it’s 5th annual Run for the Wounded on Saturday.

More than 1,000 runners took their mark at the starting line at Grayson Park.

This year’s run was extra special because it will benefit veterans rights here in Savannah.

One hundred percent of the money raised will go to the construction of a housing community for homeless veterans.

Vets at the event say that Nine Line’s dedication to their veteran community is a godsend.

“This is a group that really wants to give back to a community that’s kind of been forgotten in the past,” said Chaz Allen, a veteran who lives in a house built by the Nine Line Foundation. “They want to contribute so it’s a godsend for them to be able to help people that might not be able to help themselves.

Nine Line predicts they will be able to put at least $75,000 toward the veteran village.

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