A Hand Up, Not a Hand Out

The two veterans villages (one in Savannah,GA, and one in Brunswick, GA) that Nine Line is helping to bring to fruition have gained a great deal of interest, and we greatly appreciate all those who have stepped forward to volunteer to help!

A key component to this project, in addition to providing transitional housing, however, is our aquaponics training center. We have already purchased a state of the art system from Nelson and Pade as well as the greenhouse in which to put the system … but we need YOUR help now to bring this very crucial part of the program (not only job training but a healing environment for our veterans) to fruition. Simply put – the cost of the site work and the concrete pad require much more money than we have raised to date – and we need your help.

As an all volunteer non-profit, we are committed to the premise that EVERY penny raised goes to support the initiative – so there is no such thing as a donation “too small”.

Please help us raise the funds necessary (or connect us with contractors willing to donate time to do sitework and pour concrete!) We need you. Our veterans need you! Together we can create a truly wonderful environment for our homeless veterans to heal, regroup, reenergize and learn skills necessary to help them become successful and proud citizens once again.

All photos used with permission. Nelson and Pade, Inc. Copyright 2020. All rights reserved.

Partnership with Georgia Southern

Georgia Southern University’s Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs Carl L. Reiber Ph.D., and Nine Line Foundation President Megan Hostler signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) at the Armstrong Campus’ Sustainable Aquaponics Research Center (SARC). Aquaponics, or soilless farming, mixes aquaculture, the farming of fish, and hydroponics, to fuel the growth of plants in water. The SARC, a 4,100 square-foot greenhouse, has four independent recirculating systems, each containing 900-gallon tanks capable of holding more than 100 mature tilapia.

Working within the College of Science and Mathematics, the SARC is focused on providing students, faculty, and volunteers with the opportunity to conduct fundamental, interdisciplinary research in the area of aquaponics. The partnership with Nine Line Foundation will extend education opportunities to area homeless veterans and provide faculty and students an opportunity to engage with the veterans.