When Major Edward “Flip” Klein was severely injured in an IED explosion in Afghanistan in 2012 – losing both his legs, his right arm, and three fingers on his left hand – he thought he had survived the worst.

After making incredible strides towards establishing a new sense of normalcy, a tragic fire engulfed his family’s home. Everything they owned was burned to the ground — including the bed that was specially equipped so MAJ Klein could regulate his core body temperature. It was a devastating loss, especially since they had moved in just five months before, after living at Walter Reed Hospital for 15 months while MAJ Klein recovered from his wounds. This bed had been provided to Flip from Nine Line Foundation in order to afford this humble hero the opportunity to sleep soundly. With the loss of his limbs, Flip is now unable to regulate his core temperature and found it increasingly difficult to sleep. Beds such as these are not covered through the VA and are extremely expensive.


Mission Complete

Holding true to our purpose, we purchased this bed in order to improve Flip’s quality of life. Then, when tragedy struck again, and all his worldly possessions were taken, we did it again. A huge thanks to all that supported this effort. Flip is eternally grateful.


Alaskan Healing

We continue to support Flip as he takes on his next great endeavor: Alaskan Healing. Learn more about this amazing project here.