There are three things you can count on in the Ozarks: Rednecks, Classic Cars and Patriotism. The Redneck Garage Show, a web-based reality show about building classic and custom automobiles, has decided to combine all three.

The show focuses on a crew of talented mechanics and car builders headed up by Shawn Yingling. This young man is one of the best car builders you might ever run across, and his crew is there to help bring his ideas to life. These guys and gals love entertaining their audience while they do their thing, though, so it’s an awful lot of fun to watch them put these old machines back to looking, running and driving like brand new.

What started out as a family hobby, however, has taken on a whole new meaning in the last month. After learning about the Nine Line Foundation and its incredible work in building specialized homes for veterans who have suffered some of the most grievous injuries in serving their country, show creators Wayne and Kathy Hicks chose to offer the organization their support.

“The Nine Line Foundation is an all volunteer organization,” they said. “Every penny they raise is devoted to actually getting the houses built and providing the special fixtures, furnishings and equipment that a veteran who lost limbs or suffered other trauma could possibly need. None of their officers or staff takes a paycheck, and that impressed us.”

Wayne, Kathy and Shawn were so impressed that they contacted the Foundation to offer their support, and the result is an agreement that the Redneck Garage will donate up to six of their cars each year to be used in fundraising. These cars will be raffled off as a means of helping to raise the hundreds of thousands of dollars necessary to build each of these homes.

The program will shortly be available on their website, It is supported entirely by subscribers who pay a small monthly fee — less than the cost of a single latte, most places — which allows them to buy and build some pretty awesome vehicles. Subscribers will get access to special features and will be invited to various events the crew will attend in connection with the Foundation. They can also be proud of the knowledge that supporting the program is also supporting the Foundation and our Wounded Heroes.

The first of the vehicles to be donated to the Foundation will be a 1968 Chevrolet Pickup Truck that will be mildly modified into a one-of-a-kind Custom Truck, with modern drive and suspension components. Future vehicles will include full-on customs and hot rods.

For more information, contact Wayne Hicks at 417-986-4492.