Our Candidates

  • CURRENT MISSION: Help Him Build a 100% Handicapped-Accessible Forever Home Donate Here When Eric Morante joined the Marine Corps upon his high school graduation in 2003, he knew he had found his forever home. Eric thrived in the Marine Corps, and over the next three and a half years, rose to the rank of Sergeant.  […]

  • When Captain Edward “Flip” Klein was severely injured in an IED explosion in Afghanistan in 2012 – losing both his legs, his right arm, and three fingers on his left hand – he thought he had survived the worst.

  • After entering the service in 1996, Mark was extremely successful in his military career. After being selected for Special Forces in 2003, Mark deployed multiple times to Afghanistan, Pakistan, and other inhospitable countries throughout the Middle East without incident. Unfortunately on August 16, 2010, Mark’s life would forever change. On that fateful day in the Helmand Province, […]

  • On January 22, 2011 Chaz was on a dismounted patrol in the Zhari district in Afghanistan and stepped on an 40 pound IED. He instantly lost both legs, one above the knee, one below and the blast took a piece of his elbow. His amazing soldiers got him to the chopper in 8 minutes. Chaz […]

  • We live in a free society — but as we all know, freedom is not “free”. With an all-volunteer military force, we rely on young patriots to “answer the call”. Young Jessie Fletcher is one of the many who answered that call in 2008, when he joined the Marines and left for Basic Training just […]

  •  Help Build a 100% Handicapped-Accessible Forever Home Aaron Causey is a native son of Alabama and a true patriot. After completing three years of college, where he pursued a math and physics major, Aaron felt the calling to serve our country. In 2000, Aaron enlisted in the Air Force and was trained as an Explosive […]